Extreme Sleeping Bag LADIES MOTION -20ºC

147,00 €


Extreme Sleeping Bag LADIES MOTION -20ºC - Cool ladies sleeping bag... 

This ladies sleeping bag in Extreme line of Husky is a great fellow for all situations thanks its well-quality branded filling Invista QualloFil. 

More details

Sleeping bag has anatomical shape designed especially for ladies and what‘s more there is extra layer in foot and chest area which ensures unusual thermal comfort. Excellent insulating, sufficient breathability are basic features of this item. Comfort of sleeping is intensified by micro fleece in inner side of hood. This is very soft fabric and that‘s why you will feel very well. The matter of fact are anti-sliding straps, inner and outer pocket and compression sack.  The outer material contains of 40D 240T Tactel RipStop Nylon with RipStop modification. The 100% Nylon - synthetic fibre - is light, firm, waterproof and permeable. At the same time there is the RipStop modification - an additional interweave that firms the fabric. It helps against any mechanical damage and in case of any it stops the further ripping. This sleeping bags opens with an ergonomic zipper which leads from the middle to the side and ends at the lower third of the sleeping bag - this all is designed for better insulation. The zipper top is also covered with velcro closure that ensures the self-unzipping. On the top of this additional fastening you can also find a reflective stripe that can help you finding the zipper in the dark.