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Vacuum Food Jar

58,00 €


Hot food for the road - and beyond. This stout container is compact enough for packing in a lunch cooler or for an outdoor adventure. The stainless steel construction stands up to rough work or play. The insulated lid doubles as a bowl. Wide-mouth opening makes it simple to fill in the morning and clean at night.

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Since 1913, we have been delivering superior food and beverage gear for rugged, active lifestyles and remain dedicated to this simple promise: buy STANLEY products, get quality gear. Built for life.

Vacuum insulation. Keeps hot/ cold 12 hours.

Wide-mouth opening. Fills and cleans easily.

Protective double wall construction. Takes a beating still performs.

Insulated lid. Doubles as 12oz bowl.

Leak-proof stopper. Locks it in. Turns + pours from front/back.

Stainless steel. Built tough. No liners/ coatings.

Rustproof finish. Withstands weather and wear.

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